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Episode 4: Niching Down and Building Authority

podcast Jun 24, 2019

Sometimes niching down can freak people out. I get it,  it can feel like you're alienating a portion of your audience but today we're going to dive into how to do it right while building authority. Let's go!

Here's my 7 tips to niching down and building authority

3:10 -- 1. Honing in on your niche, and identifying who you serve? This includes an exercise where we explore where there is overlap between what you're good at and what potential clients need.

5:31 -- 2. Double your prices (or at least increase them). People tie money to value and expect to pay more for specialty services. You are now a specialty service!

6:55 -- 3. Don't do something you hate. Let's explore the golden area that intersects "what you're good at", "what the market dictates", and "what you love". Many people are scared to go here because they think it's TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Repeat after me, nothing is too good to be true.

8:40 -- 4. Market Research. Who is out there in that niche? Can you connect to...

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Episode 2: How to Get (great) Clients

This episode is all about client acquisition. But, before we dive into that, we have a little heart to heart about authenticity. You will not be successful in acquiring your best clients, if you are not authentically yourself.

One more time, for the people in the back!

You will not be successful in client acquisition, if you are lying about who you are. Period. Full stop.

Your authenticity will not only attract the right clients, but more importantly it will repel the wrong ones.

Now that that's out of the way, lets' get into the top 10 ways you can acquire clients (and 5 bonus ways you can f**k that up).

1:04 -- 1. Forge Relationships

BE the referral source
BE the service provider people tell their friends about
Word of mouth rules all other channels

2:55 -- 2. Look for People in Trouble

You have a set of skills that can save people's butts, and there's a lot of butts that need saving out there. Jump in there! These are services that people will be so grateful for, and often make lifetime...
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Episode 1: Origin Story

This episode takes a quick look at my past, how I got into freelancing, and what has transpired since those life paths have been chosen. 

0:30 -- Where I was born, and my beginnings

1:05 -- When I decide that questioning authority is a good thing

1:40 -- My first (and not so legal) foray into entrepreneurship

2:30 -- My university choices (hint: I'm not currently working in the field I have my degree in)

2:50 -- The wake-up call that changed it all

4:30 -- When I first started to code

5:08 -- Here we are today

5:25 -- You live every day, but you only die once (story)

7:00 -- Your homework!

(PDF attached to website show notes)

That's it!

Reach out if you have any Q's (at symbol)margreffell everywhere.



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Freelance Freedom Podcast: Trailer

Welcome to Freelance Freedom,

I'm your host Margaret. Join me for a deep dive into the live of a freelancer.

I share my client struggles and successes, and celebrate those moments that make it oh-so-worth it!

This podcast was developed to take you on my journey of what it's like to run a freelance business. I'm here to take you every step of the way, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I've ran a few solo businesses in my 15 years of freelancing, and have learned (often the hard way) what it takes to make your mark.

Join me to look back at the lessons learned, and what needs to be done to make waves for the future. We will be going over all the big picture concepts as well as getting our hands dirty with the nitty gritty details of daily operations, taxes, legalities, and conflict resolution.

Let's plan for an incredible, profitable future together.

This is Freelance Freedom.



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