Freelance Freedom Podcast

Episode 1: Origin Story

This episode takes a quick look at my past, how I got into freelancing, and what has transpired since those life paths have been chosen. 

0:30 -- Where I was born, and my beginnings

1:05 -- When I decide that questioning authority is a good thing

1:40 -- My first (and not so legal) foray into entrepreneurship

2:30 -- My university choices (hint: I'm not currently working in the field I have my degree in)

2:50 -- The wake-up call that changed it all

4:30 -- When I first started to code

5:08 -- Here we are today

5:25 -- You live every day, but you only die once (story)

7:00 -- Your homework!

(PDF attached to website show notes)

That's it!

Reach out if you have any Q's (at symbol)margreffell everywhere.



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