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Episode 2: How to Get (great) Clients

This episode is all about client acquisition. But, before we dive into that, we have a little heart to heart about authenticity. You will not be successful in acquiring your best clients, if you are not authentically yourself.

One more time, for the people in the back!

You will not be successful in client acquisition, if you are lying about who you are. Period. Full stop.

Your authenticity will not only attract the right clients, but more importantly it will repel the wrong ones.

Now that that's out of the way, lets' get into the top 10 ways you can acquire clients (and 5 bonus ways you can f**k that up).

1:04 -- 1. Forge Relationships

BE the referral source
BE the service provider people tell their friends about
Word of mouth rules all other channels

2:55 -- 2. Look for People in Trouble

You have a set of skills that can save people's butts, and there's a lot of butts that need saving out there. Jump in there! These are services that people will be so grateful for, and often make lifetime...
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