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Episode 11: {Interview} Freelancing and Finances with Shannon Simmons

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2019

Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), media personality, personal finance expert, financial literacy advocate and founder of the New School of Finance. Shannon is a best-selling author of the two books:
-- Worry Free Money
-- Living Debt Free

0:18 -- Intro with Shannon Simmons

2:15 -- What is your money history story? We explore how money is talked about within the household, and how families can reflect shame and secrecy around finances. It's time to get open about your finances!

5:40 -- Do you talk about how your business is doing, whether it's good or bad? We talk about all the feelings that people have when talking about and handling money.

8:35 -- Are you passionate about what you do, but scared to see if it's actually profitable? We dig into the emotional layer of taking a hard look at whether your business is actually profitable.

9:55 -- Why Shannon chose to work Freelancers and how she made a niche for herself.

11:48 -- TAXES! This is...
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Episode 10: {Interview} Photoshoots and Visual branding with Irina Leoni

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019

I'm super stoked to have my good friend Irina Leoni join me, she's a super talented photographer, brand strategist, and visual branding icon.

Let's dive in to all things visual branding!

1:00 -- Irina intro and how she started with photography and why she got into it

3:30 -- How as a photographer does Irina make her subject feel comfortable, and how to make the most of the awkwardness of a photoshoot

6:05 -- How Irina prepares her subjects for ALL the places photos will be used. Making sure you have pics not only for your website, but Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ADS and other people's website.

10:30 -- The questions you need to ask photographers before you hire them t take your branding photos. Make sure they are specific to BRANDING!

12:55 -- Is there value in mixing a combination of professional photos with candid shots? Yes! But, there is a time and a place.

15:00 -- Smartphone photography, and how to make the most of the camera in your pocket

16:20 -- When to upgrade to a professional...

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Episode 9: {Interview} SaaS, Scaling and Working with Your Life Partner with Marie Poulin and Ben Borowski

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

I am so happy to introduce two good friends of mine. Marie Poulin, and Ben Borowski.

Marie and Ben are co-founders of Oki Doki, as well as life partners.

In this episode we take a deep dive into what life is like working with your life partner, starting up a SaaS company, immigrating to Canada, and some really useful techniques and practices that can keep a personal and working partnership running smoothly.

Plus, we have some interesting conversations about scaling the unscalable. Spoiler Alert: We all lean more heavily towards high-touch services, concierge-style customer service,  integrity and quality of life as metrics over thousands of signups.

About Ben:
Ben is a product designer and software developer with a fine arts background. After many years in agency-land, he started his own shop in 2010, and, after immigrating to Canada in 2014, founded Oki Doki with Marie. In his spare time he collects vinyl, pets shibas, and is a volunteer...

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Episode 8: {Interview} Entrepreneurship and Mental Health with Dr. Sherry Walling

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019

Today we dive deep into mental health, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs.

** Trigger Warning **
This episode contains talk about death, depression, mental health, and suicide. If this isn't a good time in your life to listen, skip it for now, we'll be here when you need us.

Today we dive DEEP with Dr Sherry Walling of Zen Founder.

About Dr. Sherry

Dr. Sherry Walling helps smart people do hard things. She works with leaders and entrepreneurs to tackle the common and uncommon challenges that go along with the pursuit of an extraordinary life. As a clinical psychologist, speaker, yoga teacher, podcaster, entrepreneur, and best-selling author, she draws from her professional expertise as well as her personal experience. Her best-selling book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Shit Together, combines the insight and warmth of a therapist with the truth-telling mirth of someone who has been there.

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Episode 7: Motivation-Mindset-Mindfullness

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019

Today we're all about motivation, mindset and mindfulness.

Is it tough for you to stay motivated as a freelancer? Are you always wondering when you're going to "make it". Surprise! There's no such thing.

Dive into this tiny gem all about changing your perspective, living in the moment and why living for the weekend means your s#!t is broken.

In the episode I give some resources for mindfulness and changing your perspective.

Eckhart Tolle
Louise Hay
Napoleon Hill
Tony Robbins
Richard Branson
James Clear

Meditation Apps



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Episode 6: Is Freelancing Worth It?

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2019

Ah yes, the age old question. Is Freelancing reeeeaaaallly  worth it?

Well, there's a lot of factors at play, and we're going to dive into all of them. In this episode, we'll explore what type of lifestyle freelancing is suited for, when you should quit your job, and is there a right a right way and a wrong way?

Find out.

1:30 -- Start with Why. Start with your guiding star, why do you want to freelance? Time to self reflect.

3:00 -- Auditing your family and person life. Is this the right decision based on your current situation, and moving into your desired situation. Children? Dependants? Debt? we cover all of it.

4:44 -- Knowing your numbers, your expenses, your debts, your responsibilities and how you are currently spending your time and money.

7:00 -- Do you like your current job? How long can you stay there while you build your side biz or do you need to quit ASAP?

7:30 -- It's just as important to take stock of your mental health. Do you need to leave your job for your own...

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Episode 5: Accounting 101 for Freelancers

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

 Today I'm super stoked to be joined by my accountant Susan. Susan Watkin is a recognized and sought-after accounting educator, small business advisor, and start-up strategist.   Working closely with business owners in all phases of their business life-cycle, Susan strives to help those owners take their businesses to whatever level they want to reach.  

In her approachable style, she’s upfront and pulls no punches when it comes to the reality of small business finance and all that it entails so that those she works with are given the tools for their future success.  Susan is proud to be recognized as a leader in digital accounting technology, as well as holding a position as a trainer and writer for Intuit Canada, and part-time professor at both Mohawk and Canadore College in Ontario.

Welcome Susan!

PD: Please note that all the information we are covering in this episode relates to Canadian Freelancers. Some of the major concepts can be translated to the US...
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Episode 4: Niching Down and Building Authority

podcast Jun 24, 2019

Sometimes niching down can freak people out. I get it,  it can feel like you're alienating a portion of your audience but today we're going to dive into how to do it right while building authority. Let's go!

Here's my 7 tips to niching down and building authority

3:10 -- 1. Honing in on your niche, and identifying who you serve? This includes an exercise where we explore where there is overlap between what you're good at and what potential clients need.

5:31 -- 2. Double your prices (or at least increase them). People tie money to value and expect to pay more for specialty services. You are now a specialty service!

6:55 -- 3. Don't do something you hate. Let's explore the golden area that intersects "what you're good at", "what the market dictates", and "what you love". Many people are scared to go here because they think it's TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Repeat after me, nothing is too good to be true.

8:40 -- 4. Market Research. Who is out there in that niche? Can you connect to...

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Episode 3: How To Start Freelancing 101

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's start where everyone does... the beginning.

The top 20 questions I first get from people when they first start out

20. Should I name my business my own name, or should I create a separate company name for it?

The short answer is, will this company be intertwined (and reliant on) your own identity, or can it live outside of you. Also, will you ever sell your company. I can't answer this for you, but this will help you come to a more solid conclusion.

4:32 -- 19. Incorporate vs. Sole Prop etc...

Depends on the business structure, but basically stay as a sole prop until you earn more money than you need to live. That way, when you are making more money, you can incorporate, but you can start as a sole prop TODAY. 

The caveat is that if it's a highly-liable company, you may consider incorporating earlier to cover yourself from a legal perspective.

We'll dive into this in 2 later episodes, one focussed around Canadian companies and taxes, and the...
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Episode 2: How to Get (great) Clients

This episode is all about client acquisition. But, before we dive into that, we have a little heart to heart about authenticity. You will not be successful in acquiring your best clients, if you are not authentically yourself.

One more time, for the people in the back!

You will not be successful in client acquisition, if you are lying about who you are. Period. Full stop.

Your authenticity will not only attract the right clients, but more importantly it will repel the wrong ones.

Now that that's out of the way, lets' get into the top 10 ways you can acquire clients (and 5 bonus ways you can f**k that up).

1:04 -- 1. Forge Relationships

BE the referral source
BE the service provider people tell their friends about
Word of mouth rules all other channels

2:55 -- 2. Look for People in Trouble

You have a set of skills that can save people's butts, and there's a lot of butts that need saving out there. Jump in there! These are services that people will be so grateful for, and often make lifetime...
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